Italian Pottery
Medieval Maiolica
 (13th-14th century)
   Transitional Maiolica
(early 15h century)
   Zaffera in relievo 
(mid 15th century)
   Late Severe Style
      (late 15th century)

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Italian Heraldic Plates and Jugs
        Italian maiolica plates/platters, jugs and jars were frequently decorated with personal heraldry.  You may custom order a plate or jug with your personal heraldry.  I have chosen four different 15th century designs that you can chose from. 
Laural plate

    The design was taken from a 15th century heraldic jug.  The green is light, which is similar to most of the greens painted on early maiolica; however, if a darker green is preferred that is no problem.  Colors of the flowers and the ring holders on the laurel wreath can be made to match the arms. I have also seen similar wreaths painted in blue and orange although the green and gold is more common.
laurel plate
Gothic foliage plate

    The design on this plate comes from a heraldic plate produced in Faenza during the 15th century. Gothic foliage is a popular design element in both Faenza and Florence in the 15th century.

Gothic folliage
Peacock eye border

    The border for this plate was taken from a fragment that is attributed to Florence in the 15th century.  Peacock eyes were a common 15th century design.
peacock eye plate
Scale border (Deruta)

    This border was based on one produced in Deruta but was designed to go with arms that are red, black in yellow.  The original border has green and blue in it also.  I have some other heraldic examples from Deruta with variations on this border, if you like the basic border design but would like a different color scheme.
deruta border

Italian Heraldic Jug

Heraldic Jug (c. 1470-1490)

    This jug is based on two similar jugs made in Florence or Faenza. The arms on the original jugs are not impaled arms like the example to the right. However, a few examples of other Italian vessels with impaled arms have been observed.  

Source: The Robert Lehman Collection  X, Italian Majolica. Jorg Rasmussen. 1989, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

wedding jug

How to order: 

The cost of a customized plate or jug featuring your own heraldery is $100.00 plus shipping.  To order please request an order form by email